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After moving to Wyoming in 2016, I began noting the state’s pride in its women’s accomplishments: the list of “Wyoming women’s firsts,” being nicknamed “the Equality State,” being the first territory in the USA where women legally voted in general elections, etc. As I learned more about Wyoming, I began to recognize that the state’s stories commonly are not known outside of the region. For example, most folks don't know Wyoming had affirmed full woman suffrage rights in December 1869, a full fifty years prior to the 19th amendment to the US Consititution. In 2019, when I visited centennial suffrage displays in Washington DC museums, Wyoming was all but absent from the national narrative. Simultaneously learning more about the state and realizing its absence from discourses of women’s progress and empowerment, the seedling of this project began to grow.

Monograph's Working Title
“Pantaloonatics of Wyoming: Rhetoric and Public Memory

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To accomplish my goals, I examine sites of public memory through different rhetorical containers or vessels:

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